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Fate or destiny, your pick

tcr! · Mar 19, 2019 at 7:30 am

I’ve thought about this too much at various points…and where I finally ended up with fate and destiny is this:

Life is like a flower bed, just earth, soil, what have you. Sometimes it’s wet with rain and other times it’s warm with sun.

If I do nothing fate takes over and the weeds get out of control. The flowers won’t be healthy and mediocre at best. Nature will do it’s own thing whether I like it or not. And the end of the day when I go to sleep the flower bed will be nothing I want to be a part of.

Because fate is the future we’ve given in to.

However, if I take action, pull the weeds, plant the seeds, keep them watered, give them attention and love then the flowers will grow strong and bloom in triumph.

Sunflowers in triumph

Because destiny is the future we decide.

#photos #flowers #allislost #lettherebehope #fatedebate

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