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Nov 2000 snow

tcr! · 3 hours ago

Nov 200 snow

Generally I’m not a fan of snow, or maybe it’s the cold that comes with it. But I’m feeling a certain peace and optimism with today’s snowfall, a nice change of scenery. I think also maybe the positivity comes from knowing the winter holidays are coming up, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Something to look forward to with all the pandemic quarantining we’ve had the last several months. A reason for being.

The celebrations will be smaller this year for sure but I can always be grateful for what I do have. The joy that’s yet to be felt. The miracles that are truly coming. I do better in life when I keep my eyes open for the brighter patches that lay ahead. Or lie ahead. Or whatever.

And of course come February I’ll be scorning the snow. Telling anybody and everybody how much I hate it. ❄️

#photos #snowdays

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stubborn elephantz.mp3

tcr! · 4 hours ago

Audio (MP3): 20201124 - stubborn elephantz mp3

Please enjoy another song I wrote/played/recorded sometime in the early 2000s. Except for the elephant samples. The elephants own their own copyrights.

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