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Hard enough already

tcr! · 17 hours ago

Hard enough already

Some people are born into rich families. Some are born into super rich ones. Some people are born into normal, mediocre lives where nothing happens and they never go any where.

Some people are born to awesome parents and only end up pissing all over and pissing away that unconditional love. Some people are born to crackheads and they end up shooting greater hoops than I ever will.

Some people are born to tragic circumstances and their lives will always suck. Some people will live hopeless lives where a better one is seen but never within reach. The end.

Some people are born deaf or blind or crippled.

Happiness is hard enough to come by when indifferent luck initially defines us all.

So I don’t give a fuck about same sex marriages, or what color a person’s skin is, or what financial bracket they live in, or if they’re dumb as bricks.

Happiness is just hard enough already.

#photos #advancedsoul

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Pro-tip: stop acting like a moron

tcr! · 3 days ago

Audio (MP3): 20181024 - Pro-tip: stop acting like a moron

Something like this is what I’m referring to: you’re pulled over along the side of the street at a mailbox, depositing your envelopes on a Wednesday morning.

It’s not Christmas card season but you still got bills to pay or ballots to send. You’re lost in your own world of stamps and bubble wrapped packages. Maybe the taste of envelope glue is still fresh in your mouth. Maybe not.

Regardless, then you pull out into traffic without signaling, without yielding, without common sense. Then you cut across two lanes without haste and turn right.

All of that. That’s being a moron.

It’s more than wearing blinders and seeing only your direct path. It’s putting a bag over your whole head and wandering around life clueless. Bumping into people and obstacles like you’re at Funway on Saturday night.

Look, other people will be annoyed when you’re acting like a moron. Expect that. Underline it in your head. You may even get the truck horn.

My point is, we’re all gonna act like morons. It’s what we do. I won’t hold it against you.

But when you see yourself, feel yourself acting like a moron, stop.

Don’t maintain. Don’t forge or plow ahead. Pull up life’s emergency brake, take the bag off, and wave meekly yet happily in complete, acknowledged defeat.

Hang your head if you must. Because people just want to know that you know that you were indeed being a moron.

The key is to stop though. Just stop. 👍

#protip #diariespodcast

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gentile · Oct 25, 2018 at 12:35 pm

#cantfixstupid Not even with duct tape :(


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