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All Wrong by God Lives Underwater

tcr! · 15 hours ago

Peeps, here’s your here-i-am-my-anger-and-me Sunday jam. God Lives Underwater were popular with me in the 90s, right about the time I was married to Kathy and angry for no good reason.

Here I am my anger and me
Temper makes it hard to see
This situation I’m in again
Everything must come to an end now

It’s funny how songs come along right when you need them, when they echo sentiments that ring true for that given moment.

You can’t go wrong with the second album, Empty. It’s all good and in similar style to All Wrong. Definitely listen to No More Love.

It’s too bad that singer David Reilly suffered a heroin addiction as so many others do and then died in 2005.

#musicvideos #godlivesunderwater

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tcr! · 2 days ago

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