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More Geek Needed in Breaking Bad

tcr! · Oct 13, 2011 at 3:18 pm

Breaking Bad lawn chairs

Breaking Bad remains great, but we miss geeky chemistry of early seasons

In one scene, White creates a galvanic cell to jump start their stranded camper after a bad day out in the lab. Walter White proves time and again how powerful science can be, acting as a sort of meth-cooking MacGyver. […]

Still, the point is how the show treats hard science as a way to solve problems. Walter White is something of a superhero due to his education in practical chemistry, and that’s a rare thing in television.

Couldn’t agree more. Sure T.V. Shows need to evolve but everybody’s favorite line from Jessie has to be “Yay, science!

If you need to quickly get up to speed on the show, have a look at the Breaking Bad Wiki.

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