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Just one can of my favorite soda

tcr! · May 22, 2018 at 9:31 am

Audio (MP3): 20180522 - Just one can of my favorite soda

Video (MP4): 20180522 - Just one can of my favorite soda

20180522 Just one can of my favorite soda

I was telling Sara last night about the time I was in a grocery store and they had 12 packs of my favorite soda. Unfortunately I couldn’t buy just one, the man was sticking it to me (and the world) by forcing me to buy all 12.

So I did what any teenage anarchist would do. I ripped opened the box and pulled out just one can of my favorite soda.

Delighted with myself I took le single can of soda up to the checkout aisle and fetched a crisp one dollar bill from my wallet, feeling confident that would more than cover the cost.

However, when the checkout guy in his maroon apron tried to scan the barcode it failed two or three times. He then gave me a puzzled look and asked me where I had found this particular can. I told him that I got it outta a box in the soda aisle.

His bepuzzlement quickly turned to annoyance and he firmly let me know that I couldn’t do that. The cans weren’t marked for individual sale and therefore wouldn’t be in his system.

Avid readers, that was the day I learned the customer is not always right.

#soda #rebellion #videos #diariespodcast

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