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At 4:54 am this morning I was wide awake

tcr! · Jun 12, 2018 at 6:40 am

Audio (MP3): 20180612 - At 4:54 am this morning I was wide awake

Video (MP4): 20180612 - At 4:54 am this morning I was wide awake

At 4:54 am this morning I was wide awake.

I woke up from one of those dreams that wake me because the story turned sour.

The scene was an industrial area early in the morning. The sky was gray, the air foggy and misty. I was shuffling along to meet back up with a group of friends that were having a get-together of some kind.

A car pulled up and an early 20-something boy got out. And then his girlfriend, too. A homeless wanna-be monarch and his queen. Not blatantly hostile but an obvious menace.

As the two walked toward me a two more 20-somethings appeared. And then all four drew closer like wary insects knowing they’re almost to feed.

With a dismal future planned I looked at the grubby crown and said, “do you want the cash in my wallet?” And he nodded.

The dream fast-forwarded as they often do and I was on the ground looking up at the scattered gray sky. The three cockroach minions held my arms and legs while the soiled monarch was lying flat on his stomach beside me. Going through my wallet, flipping business cards and whatever aside.

Then he held up my car keys as the primary prize. He started taking the keys off, unringing them one by one. He motioned that I could keep my truck key and then scooped the others in a pile on my chest, like he was going to keep them.

Pinned on my back I said to him with irritation, “now you’re just fucking me.”

And then I woke up. Because I was done with all of that.

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