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Social grace at the ATM drive-through

tcr! · Oct 28, 2017 at 10:16 am

Please note local residents: ATM drive-throughs are one way. You should not back up for any reason. Think of the ATM lane to be like a waterslide. You should only go down, never up. If you try to swim or climb back up le slide, chances are you’ll destroy the very fabric that holds our universe together. Yes, I’m talking to you lady at the BMO by Blue Goose.

Also, please resist the urge to get out of your car. Or truck. Or whatever you’re in to.

In conclusion: if you like to do your banking on foot and/or while utilizing both the backwards and the forwards of your automobile, just go inside. You’ll get to do both.

You’ll even have the option to enjoy a Dum Dum. Instead of being one. 🍭

#trafficnews #socialproblems #diariespodcast

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