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Dish soap killed these Japanese Beetles

tcr! · Jul 17, 2017 at 9:51 pm

Dish soap killed these Japanese beetles

They’d infested the top half of my young cherry willow tree before I’d even noticed. They’re the worst insect I’ve ever encountered. They never end.

Several squirts of dish soap into a water spray bottle I had used on the cats. Shook the hell outta it until it was all suds, and headed to war.

Grabbed a ladder and thoroughly soaked them all. Each branch, each leaf, each beetle and every beetle. At 9:30pm at night. With only a street lamp to guide me.

Afterward I picked a leaf that was covered and brought it inside to see how my chemical warfare had played out.

They’re all dead ☠️

They killed another of my smaller trees last year. Never again.

#japanesebeetles #homeimprovement

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