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What to do when someone bails the conference call

tcr! · Feb 10, 2018 at 8:33 am

Audio (MP3): 20180210 - What to do when someone bails the conference call

Question posted to Facebook:

Just got stood up for an 8am conference call. Any suggestions for punishments for the offending party?

My answer:

I just like to stay on the call even when nobody shows up. I relax, have a nice cup of tea for an hour or so. Enjoy the silence. Wonder what I’m getting for my birthday this summer. Wonder why I still think about my birthday presents at this age. Sometimes I’ll even check the expiration date on my Hot Tamales. Have you ever had a stale Hot Tamale? Don’t bother with them. They’re the worst.

Abandoned conference calls are one of those rare moments in life when you get a freebie. Like when you pull into a parking spot where the previous guy over paid. You have an hour, all expenses paid trip to wherever you wanna go. Nothing can touch you because you’re booked for that time slot. And then when your boss asks “how was the call” you can say, “Pretty low-key. No real action items on my end.”

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