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Under Maggie’s pillow

tcr! · Jan 9, 2018 at 7:23 pm

And then there was that one time maybe six or seven years ago when I ate a Snickers fun-size and hid the wrapper under Maggie’s pillow.

And then at bedtime when we found it and she was horrified of being convicted of a crime she didn’t commit, after she had time to process and I confessed, she thought it was funny.

And she still does. Because I asked her about it earlier tonight before dinner.

“And you tried to frame me!! 😆”

And when I’m thinking about it now while she’s doing her homework, I think that her mom and I must’ve done something right.

And finally… something I heard or read once always keeps me pointed in the right direction: as parents our job is to make memories for our kids.

#protip #maggie #diariespodcast

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