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“Trust in muse”

tcr! · Mar 7, 2018 at 9:50 am

Peeps, here’s Thurston Moore live on KEXP back in 2014. Settle in for 32+ minutes of guitar and gab. I’ve always enjoyed how Thurston just beats the shit out of his guitar.

I really do have this trust in muse…and that’s sorta proved to me through the years to be the best thing is to really let inspiration sorta define your decisions.

When I try to force creativity it just comes out as bullshit. Some days I don’t have anything to say so I don’t say anything.

However, when anybody says, “I don’t own a television set” I wanna roll my eyes. It almost feels like a backhanded slap of judgement. Good for you that you don’t own a TV.

However × 2, Cease Fire is quite good:

#musicvideos #thurstonmoore

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