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Potato eyes, to eat or not to eat

tcr! · Nov 15, 2017 at 7:23 pm

Audio (MP3): 20171115 - Potato eyes, to eat or not to eat

Potato murder - MP4

Peeps, I may have asked this before and I may not have. Either way I swung I’m going to ask again.

When dealing with potatoes do you cutout their little eyeballs out or do you ignore them and chow down?

I have to scrub them off myself and if they don’t scrub off I carve them out. Furthermore, if said taters are looking even the slightest bit feisty (and I’m feeling a little neurotic myself), I throw them in the microwave and nuke their starchy, tuberous asses with some electromagnetic radiation. Just like Spencer and his candy bar in the 1940s.

Sure, I can look to WikiLeaks for the answer in how digestible the potato eyes are but I like to have real-time answers from you, my peer group. I’m not really interested in what the Clintons do with their’s or that Ralph Nader listens to soft core, country rap while eating his mashes.

Anyways, as a kid I was trained there were somethings you just don’t eat. Like raw cookie dough. Or cake batter. Or potato eyeballs.

So are these still valid concerns in this modern dietary age? I don’t wanna get salamejitus.

Nobody really does.

And yes, I made the video on my iPhone.

🥔 👁 ⁉️ #videos #culinaryhero #helpwanted #diariespodcast

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