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Painting at the therapist’s office

tcr! · Dec 7, 2016 at 7:55 am

Painting at the therapist's office

Dr. G. had this painting hanging in his reception area. I don’t know who painted it or the title.

I studied it some for a few minutes before every session because it’s unsettling. A smidge, a smudge peculiar. I like secular.

The house looks well maintained, no loose shingles or missing boards.

The top, left window might be open to air out the upstairs.

No breeze, no curtains blowing. Maybe no drapes at all. She took them when she left.

I imagine the porch to be swept and the front door to be locked.

It looks overall abandoned and devoid of life, coldly vacant in warmer, crunchy tones.

No people, no window silhouettes.
No tools or toys or flowers or swings.
No cars or trucks or farm machines.
No cows or meows.

Just a pale trail that bends and dead ends in a hook.

Abandoned only recently. The barn’s straight, the door’s open.

The chickens may be pecking gravel below the grass line.


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