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Hauling wind turbine blades 172 feet long in China

tcr! · Sep 7, 2016 at 12:34 pm

Blade delivery to the top of Baoding Mountain in China

CHINA: Transport firm Hongkong CIMC International delivered 90 wind turbine blades to the top of Baoding mountain, 2,900m high, in the Chinese province of Yunnan.

The route to the government-sponsored Baoding Mountain Wind Farm is 5.5km long, and includes 212 turns and slopes as steep as 30 degrees.

The journey with each blade took five hours, and the drivers had to negotiate the load through villages with buildings on either side of the road, and high voltage power lines.

The blades are 52.4metres long, and weigh over 12 tons.

The company used a C&C U480 tractor, with a diesel engine producing 487PS, and 2,200Nm torque power at 1100-1300rpm. The drive axles use 16 ton double reduction planetary axles.

The wind trailer includes a specially designed wind blade adapter with hydraulic rotating function, which can adjust the height and angle of the blade to negotiate the obstacles of the road.

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