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FOOTBALL Important?

tcr! · Dec 1, 2011 at 11:30 am

Anonymous writes:

I’ve always said that it bugs me that people talk about football like it’s important.

The tone of voice, the language, the emotion, the sheer amount of time they devote to it, is unsettling to me. I sense a subtle but not non-existent message that if I don’t share their opinion about it, that there is something wrong with me. Especially from men. I can’t count how many times conversations have been ended when I say bluntly that I don’t follow football and I don’t care.

It’s completely unavoidable to not say that there is a clear message of homophobia coming from many of them. Since I’m trying to be serious, I won’t say most, but I stand by many.

In my opinion, it’s not much of a leap to say that men that have this kind of attitude are making a LOUD statement about their own sexual problems. They admire, let’s face it, at least subtly worship men who want to wrassle and tackle and point butts at each other. These are all activities that are tops on my list of things I don’t want to do with other men.

As usual, I go overboard trying to make a point. I’ve suggested, and am not prepared to say in this piece how much I was joking or how serious I am, that football is a pantheon to homosexuality. Nothing more than a thinly disguised attempt to organize homosexuality.

I guess I want to go on record as saying that I stand by my exaggerations.

And this reverence for football (reverence was a careful word choice, and I can’t agree with it more) is to blame for the Sandusky-Penn State scandal. Hyphenating the names of Sandusky and Penn are intentional as hell. The aforementioned reverence makes the two inseparable.

The people who I’ve indicted in my opening paragraphs are to blame for this tragedy. Because they hold football, and therefore Sandusky, in reverence, they made it an offense, tantamount to heresy, to report a FOOTBALL HERO.

They helped rape children.

Think I’m wrong?

Why do you suppose presidents of universities, and other high ranking university officials have been fired? Held accountable.

Thinking people, people of conscience, know. There is something dreadfully wrong here. These are the kinds of days that change things. Religions are changed when someone says the emperor has no clothes. And in fact the reason he’s naked is to rape a boy.


edox edox · Dec 15, 2011 at 10:53 pm

Football has always pissed me off in it's relationship to colleges. I went to Oklahoma State and honestly it was almost a religion in that area. If the physics department was destroyed in an accident I doubt they would replace it with the effort and money put into the football program.

I seriously cannot stand watching much about the Penn State stuff. All I can say is when (not if) Sandusky goes to jail I hope the inmates treat him well.

I follow football to a degree, I also follow baseball and soccer. But they all are forms of entertainment and people need to treat them as such. People do not have priorities straight at times it seems when they can overlook a blatant child molester because they do not want to lose a football game/championship or alumni funding.


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tcr! tcr! · Dec 20, 2011 at 7:08 pm

It's about as important as NASCAR.


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