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Fiercely independent critters

tcr! · Dec 27, 2018 at 12:55 pm

Audio (MP3): 20181227 - Fiercely independent critters

Pro tip: be really good at accepting people’s help.

As humans we can be fiercely independent critters but pride is irrelevant and unuseful.

Wanna know why? You know that good feeling you get when you yourself extend your hand to help, for no other reason than you’re a good person? That warm fuzzy you get when you make the world not all about you?

Don’t deprive someone else offering help that same kind of warm fuzzy feeling. It’ll make them feel good and very well may be the best part of their day.

PS- my dictionaries are telling me that “unuseful” is not a word. They can go fuck themselves. 👍

#protip #helpwanted #diariespodcast

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