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Do you guys like to shop at Amazon?

tcr! · Dec 13, 2017 at 1:10 pm

What if you went to or opened the Amazon app, searched for Stranger Things toys (because Christmas), and the images loaded one at a time?

Amazon loading slow

What if your friend told you that might have them? And when you went there the site loaded the second you searched?

Walmart loads right up

What if later you saw a share on Facebook that said Amazon’s marketshare had plummeted because they hadn’t signed a deal with Verizon now that Net Neutrality had been killed?

What if later you fired up Netflix on your smart TV but couldn’t watch Stranger Things without it buffering every few seconds? But rumor has it that Disney’s Frozen 2 is setting viewer records?

Netflix buffering

What if you opened iTunes to buy the latest Gwen Stefani Christmas album? But then when you went to play it nothing happened?

What if you can’t visit your favorite sites and use your favorite apps because they haven’t signed deals with AT&T and have been dumped into Internet slow lanes?

Net Neutrality means that the Internet is neutral. T-Mobile can’t play favorites. All the images and videos and audios are treated as equals.

The FCC isn’t interested in keeping Net Neutrality intact anymore. They’ve made that pretty clear.

Ajit Pai, the FCC chairman, he was the Associate General Counsel for Verizon at one point.

Does this surprise you?

#politics #netneutrality

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