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diaries podcast: 1171 episode listens this month

tcr! · Apr 26, 2018 at 2:56 pm

Podcast listens 1171

I started doing my podcast last August and this month I’ve had the most episode listens ever. Pretty exciting! The total includes people who have listened to an episode more than once because many people do.

There was a dip in Dec and Jan, too, because holidays and I didn’t post anything new.

I think I have around 160 subscribers but those are harder to count than you’d think. People switching podcast players, people moving in and out of cell networks, apps fetching the episodes for all their users. Regardless though, my podcast is growing.

Another fun stat for this month, people listening to the podcast now outweigh the people visiting my actual website. I never saw that happening. 😊

Anyways, you can listen in a variety if you aren’t already: tcr! diaries – podcast.

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