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Blade Runner 2049 ticket

tcr! · Oct 7, 2017 at 3:54 pm

Audio (MP3): 20171007 - Blade Runner 2049 ticket

Blade Runner 2049 ticket

You’re in a desert walking along in the sand when all of the sudden you look down and you see a tortoise. It’s crawling toward you.

First time I’ve been to a movie by myself since The Phantom Menace. No weirdness so that’s good news.

And the movie was good. I went in thinking it’d be just okay, went in with a beef against Gosling but he fit the character well. I can see why they chose him for the part.

Be aware: the background music and sound effects were the loudest I’d ever heard in a theater. Everybody was going to be paying attention to Blade Runner 2049, no dazing off.

I’ll let you watch the movie without spoiling it. Well, one negative thing I will say is that if a character lights a cigarette then there should be smoke in that scene. Until he puts it out. Ya, this is minor but as an ex-smoker it bugs me.

Now I’ll talk about the original Blade Runner and one of my pet peeves with that.

Okay, so Deckard is a replicant. You can see his eyes light up briefly when he and Rachael go back to his apartment after Leon roughed him up, threw him around, etc-ry. All the replicants have the shiny eyes now and then, that’s the visual giveaway. And I like it. But I don’t like that Leon did in fact kick Deckard’s ass up and down the street just minutes before.

If Deckard was a replicant, what the hell? Ya, he may not have known he was an android and therefore wouldn’t have known about his physical abilities, ie. strength, agility, and so on.

But…survival seems to be pretty key to replicants. The whole movie is about them not wanting to die, them wanting to live. And if Deckard was a replicant, why didn’t that kick in during his fight with Leon? Or Zhora? When one is about to die our instincts take over. Unless you’re a boob.

#movienews #bladerunner #diariespodcast

jimi hindrance experience jimi hindrance experience · Oct 10, 2017 at 1:13 am

I thought I wrote this to everyone. Apparently not. The first thing I said is that it reminded me of “The Dark Knight”.

I needed a new paragraph because I saw Dark Knight 3 or 4 days after the Colorado shootings. When the movie starts up, there’s a shoot-out (my memory, not always the most reliable) and it is rock concert loud. Then the movie blew me away.

Back to Blade Runner 2049. I wrote that it was like Dark Knight with the soundtrack and the cinematography. Sometimes with these movies it bugs me that they’re so darkly lit. The measure of light needs to include some light to measure.

I loved Blade Runner 2049 for the first 2 hours. I could’ve done without the last 30 mins or so. I hear that it’s an American thing but rarely does a movie need to last more than 2 hours, especially a thriller/adventure/sci-fi thing. I loved how it was part of the original story.

(Briefly) I LOVED the GIRLS! It was part of the original movie and these girls worked this time too.

tcr! tcr! · Oct 10, 2017 at 1:29 pm

163 minutes is a long time to sit through a movie. Especially a movie like Blade Runner. If you watch some of the trailers you can see scenes with Sapper Morton (the first replicant K meets) that weren’t in the theatrical version. That doesn’t surprise me though. I’ve read the first Blade Runner was over four hours long.

Movies like these should really just be made into two separate parts. It’d flesh the story and characters out more while also giving me a chance to pee.


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