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A frantic game of animal tag

tcr! · Jun 11, 2018 at 8:08 am

Audio (MP3): 20180611 - A frantic game of animal tag

On this morning, the 11th of June I was greeted with a squeaky chipmunk in the basement just as I sat down with my first cup of coffee. It filled my heart with joy as the two H-Ks (hunter killers) and a lone chipmunk played a frantic game of animal tag.

A frenzied game of hide and seek if you will. Where if you lose needly claws hooked to hair trigger tendons pulled by honed muscles will rip into your hide and not too often let go. You’ll be lucky and kiss your mother if you narrowly escape with only a minor puncture wound.

Ah yes, the screams of blood filled, animal murder first thing in the morning.

And then as I’m putting the basement things back in order after I’ve caught and released the chipmunk, I hear Pearl in her litter box taking a shit. All the excitement and exercise must’ve got her bowels working.

💩 #cats #chipmunks #diariespodcast

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